About Us

What is Alekhni?

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Alekhni is a platform for everything humanities and social sciences. We believe that humanities are for every human. No matter your age, qualification, college major, or job- you should definitely explore the knowledge meant for every one of us.

At Alekhni, we have created a one-stop paradise for humanities. You will find movie suggestionsbook recommendations, and even travel guides to learn about the humanities alongside our main learning space- the social studies hub, where you will find curated content covering the topics of humanities in detail.

We also have a space dedicated to presenting the voices and perspectives of bold minds. Alekhni has everything you need to explore the humanities.

We are committed to diminishing the barrier between the humanities and the sciences. There should be free movement of knowledge across all disciplines. No person should miss out on the important philosophers just like no one should miss out on the important math.

The spirit of Alekhni lies in the belief that humans should prosper and develop but not while putting at stake our humanity. Let’s be human. Because we can.

Why the Name Alekhni?

Alekhni means pen in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Throughout history, a pen has done more damage than swords or bullets. But no! Alekhni is not meant to destroy the world. It is created to exploit the bright side of the pen- to harness the power of humanity.

Meet Our Team

Yamun Sharma

Founder, Writer & Contributor

Yamun Sharma, Alekhni Founder

A high-spirited Humanities student, studying at the Charles University in Prague, Yamun came up with the idea of Alekhni on a train to Vienna.

As a motivated young student coming from a community with little respect for humanities, it was a rather very bold decision for him to drop out of a Biotechnology course to pursue the humanities.

At first, it wasn’t easy. But with time, Yamun’s passion for the humanities grew stronger. He found himself not only learning about the world around him but also gaining a deeper understanding of himself and his place in it.

So, he embarked on a mission to share his story, his passion, and the transformative power of the humanities with others, hoping to ignite the same curiosity and enthusiasm in their hearts. 

Pintu Chand

Co-Founder, Animator & Illustrator

Pintu is a passionate student from Bengaluru, pursuing animation. He went against the social norms in his community to do something unconventional. 

Ditching a degree in business and finance to enter his dream of cartoons and characters, Pintu has been living a life many miss out on.

He is an easy-going youngster, who lives by the ideology to live in the moment with all his emotions and feelings. 

Being passionate about creating the human connection through his cartoons, Pintu enjoys being part of our mission to create a one-stop paradise for humanities and social sciences. He adds up to the voice of Alekhni with his creative cartoons and animations. 

Myriam Ben Jeddi & 8ooklore

Founder, 8ooklore I Book Space Lead

Myriam is an educational innovator from Djerba Ajim, Tunisia, wanting to pursue law. She is involved in activism and advocacy for human rights and quality education in her community, which lead her to target the world of books and literature by creating a platform for young people to explore and contribute to the readers’ community, called 8ooklore. 

In addition to being an impactful individual, Myriam is also a linguistic genius, currently speaking 6 different languages. She is inspired by Emma Watson, who helped Myriam discover her own voice and encouraged her to stand up for what she believes in, and to make the world a better place. 

Myriam contributes to and leads Alekhni’s Book Space with her passion for books and expertise in working with young people to get them involved in the healthy habit of reading through her educational innovation.

The collaboration of Alekhni and 8ooklore aims to connect two communities of learners by blending the power of a free-accessible learning source with that of an empowered young readers’ community.